Welcome to The Ice Cream Factory
Our ice cream cakes are deliciously different - we have been making the same successful flavour since 1983. Our standard flavour is Marble Crunch - Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Swirled together with a biscuit crunch through the middle. We make our ice cream fresh on the premises. Our recipe continues to be of a traditional style and is made from Milk, Cream, Sugar and Glucose. The cakes are egg and nut free, but we do work with egg and nuts on the premises. Our equipment is well washed prior to making the ice cream cakes thereby reducing risk.

Our cakes need to be stored in the freezer at all times and only taken out about 20 minutes prior to serving- they can be sliced or scooped into cones.

If you can’t find an image you are looking for then email us an image that you do like and we can confirm if we can draw this for you- please remember we cannot draw real people.

We have a large selection of cakes with adult related images on them. To protect the innocence of many children who visit our site we have omitted them for web publication. Please email the office for some choices.

Cakes need to be ordered at least two working days (Mon-Fri) prior to the delivery day of your selected outlet for collection.

Our Kensington agent is temporarily not able to handle ice cream cakes. Please select an alternative here.

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