Frequently Asked Questions

Do the printed images cover the surface of the cake?
- No the standard printed images vary in size depending on the licensee and can be anywhere from 10cm to 18cm round. Special prints are printed onto rectangle paper and are a maximum of 23cm x 17cm.
Do the cakes need to be stored in the freezer?
- Yes, as the cake is made from ice cream.
How long should I need to take the cake out prior?
- Cakes can be taken out 20 minutes prior to serving. (Please note hotter temperatures could alter the time).
Can I order a gluten free cake?
- Please ask for no crunch upon ordering.
Do your cakes contain nuts and/or eggs?
- No, but we do work with nuts and eggs so there is a chance of trace elements, but we do clean all equipment thouroughly to keep this to a minimum.
Can I create my own cake?
- You can create your own cake. We will work with you to help you achieve the design you are after.
Can you draw real people in gel?
- No. Cartoon characters come out much better, we can do a specialised print of any image you may like. Time needed to make these may vary.
When should I order my cake?
- Cakes should be ordered 3 days prior to delivery day of your agent.
Can I order a special flavour?
- Yes you can please see page 22.
How long can I travel with an ice cream cake?
- On a 24 degree celcius day, you have 25 minutes to arrive home.
How do I know my order is placed?
- You will receive an email with a confirmation of your order. Note we are trading Monday-Friday.